A teacher shared a funny story involving Metallica in a tweet that has since gone viral.

Christina E. Cox, who according to her Twitter bio, is a writer and educator living in New York City, shared, “Today, when introducing WWI, a student raised her hand and brought up the death of a certain archduke. Nobody knew his name, so as a hint, I offered that he shares his name with a band.”

Obviously, she was referring to Franz Ferdinand, but clearly, Cox’s students are not familiar with the Scottish alternative rock band.

Cox then delivered the punchline to end all punchlines: “Gentle reader, my students asked if there had perhaps been an Archduke Metallica.”

Cox shared this tweet at 8:27 PM on April 4, and within about 24 hours, the tweet had gone viral much to her surprise as she followed it up with, “What happened to this tweet while I was at work???”

One thing is for certain: Those students will likely never forget who Franz Ferdinand is, both the band and the Archduke.


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