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May 4th: Ann Gorski Day

The story starts during the pandemic. On July 21, 2020, Preston found two envelopes inside of his briefcase addressed to Ann Gorski of Pottstown. The catch: no one knew who Ann Gorski was. The show wished her a happy birthday anyway, then Nick added what he thought might be her birthday to the calendar for 2021. Take a listen:


Since the envelope was postmarked on May 4th, that date became her hypothetical birthday. Fast forward to May 4, 2021. A note popped up on Nick’s calendar to remind Preston to say happy birthday to Ann Gorski.

Being that it had been 10 months since the calendar invite was sent, and there was no context included in the reminder, The Preston & Steve Show experienced the same confusion:

This time Ann was listening. She called in and explained the story: Ann’s sister sent blank birthday cards to The Preston & Steve Show on May 4th, 2020. The intention was lovely: since Ann could not have a normal birthday celebration, the birthday cards would be a nice surprise.

The show received the cards and the self addressed stamped envelopes. They signed the cards. And that was that. Literally, that was that. Ann pointed out that the cards never got sent out, even after Preston found them in his briefcase in July.

Although Ann’s real birthday is June 30th, around The Preston & Steve Show, it will forever be celebrated on May 4th. #MayTheGorskiWithYou