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Kai Neukermans has a test to make up today, but there’s a really good story as to why.

Last week, after Kai heard that Matt Cameron had tested positive with COVID-19, he texted his friend Olivia Vedder. They had met at her dad’s Ohana Festival a few years before.

Kai heard that they might be looking for replacement drummers, so he gave it a shot. She replied with the news that Josh Klinghoffer was filling in for the next show. Kai read the message, shut off his phone and went to bed.

The next day though, Olivia reached out again and alerted the high school senior that Pearl Jam was looking for another drummer to join them on stage. Kai skipped class, made a video and the rest is history.

On Saturday, May 14th, Kai Neukermans sat behind the kit for “Mind Your Manners” at Oakland Arena.

Kai joined The Preston & Steve Show on Monday morning. Despite looking chill as he stepped on stage, the drummer admitted that he was super nervous on stage. The lights were up when Eddie introduced him to the crowd and that was overwhelming.

Preston & Steve debuted sneak peek of “The Time” from The Alive, Kai’s band. Take a listen to the Daily Podcast or watch the YouTube stream to hear the song.