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Can Kathy identify her co-workers by smell alone?


While visiting the Just Sayin’ Institute, Preston reveals that people with similar natural body odors are more likely to become fast friends. Is this just pleasant scents? Just natural pheromones? It seems to work with dogs. Maybe we just be like dogs and sniff each other’s butts to find out if we can be friends?

Kathy believes that she could identify Preston, Steve, Casey, and Nick based just on their smells. We jumped into SCIENCE MODE and immediately carried out an experiment. We blindfolded Kathy and left the room. After randomizing ourselves, Kathy gave us all a good sniff.

Kathy took this very, very seriously. And it paid off because she went 4 for 4! Steve smelled sweet and Preston smelled fruity. Casey’s light cologne gave him away and Nick smelled fresh.