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Women have one of three types of orgasms: wave, volcano, or avalanche. Men on the other hand: just lava.

“Kathy, what kind of orgasms do you have?” What a way to start a Daily Rush. Bill Weston is gonna love this one.

Researchers have suggested that women experience one of three types of orgasms:

  1. Wave
  2. Volcano
  3. Avalanche

Men on the other hand:

  1. Lava

Preston asks if others have caught themselves at the moment of “lava” and what face they make. Casey shows off his “jazz face” and it looks very similar to his iconic license photo.

The study, from the Charles University in Prague, recorded what female test subjects experienced when they climaxed  remotely via an app. The names for their orgasms refer to the way the “pelvic floor movements appeared during the build-up to orgasm and the release of tension at orgasm.” “The wave looks like undulations or successive contractions of tension and release at orgasm,” the lead researcher said. “The avalanche rides on a higher pelvic floor tension with contractions that lower the tension downward during orgasm. The volcano rides on a lower pelvic floor tension but then explodes into tension and release during orgasm.”

This leads to a discussion of how Bill Weston will react to reading this story on air. Aaaaaand then of course, which one Bill experiences.

“Santa’s gotta go.”