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Ladies, how do you let a man know you’re interested?

Spread your legs and make a chopping motion down to your crotch? Maybe.

However, eye contact is the most obvious flirting signal of all.

Preston runs down some tips for ladies so men know that you’re interested. Here’s five body language clues that men notice most.

  1. Stand close and face him.
  2. Make lots of eye contact.
  3. Make sure your body language is open. Uncross your arms.
  4. Smile directly at him.
  5. Look down at the floor and then meet his eyes again.

Preston then tries to do #5 and it makes Kathy cringe hard.  Casey on the other hand… the complete opposite. Casey feels like a subtle touch of the arm would let him know. Steve says a lick would DEFINITELY let him know that someone was interested in him.

Kathy says if she does #5 it’s because there’s something on your body that she doesn’t like.