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Anson Williams is running for mayor and got an endorsement from one of his Happy Days co-stars… Ronald Reagan.

Anson Williams who played Potsie on Happy Days announced that he’s running for mayor of Ojai, CA. We wonder if “Pump Your Blood” will be his campain anthem.

“Ojai Pumps Your Blood”

In the episode, “Potsie Quits School,” Potsie is worried about an anatomy test and decides to quit school. Fonzie helps him realize that he can remember the answers with music. Potsie makes up a song about how the heart works and passes the test.

Preston has a list of other actors who have gone on to political careers, including President Ronald Reagan. Many people don’t know that Reagan tried out for Happy Days and there’s “footage” of him running through all of the catch phrases from the cast of Happy Days characters.

Reagan’s catchphrase was “Nibble My Bag.”

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