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Preston and Steve got to speak with beloved Office alum and hilarious comedian Craig Robinson in studio today. He’s in town for his SOLD OUT shows at Helium this weekend.  (psst…tickets are still available for his two shows at on Sunday!)

Last time Craig was in the actual studio, Slumdog Millionaire was a smash hit in the box office. Craig spoke at the time about how it blew him away. Now, he’s here to talk about some of his new projects, Killing It and hosting the Harlem Globetrotters show.

In Killing It, Craig plays…well, Craig! He is a bank security guard living in Miami and struggling to make ends meet. A chance encounter with a down-on-her-luck driver for a ride-hailing service, introduces him to the wild world of state-sponsored python hunting, he decides to go all in to make his American dream come true.

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In studio, Craig spoke about the moment he fell in love with snakes. He was in Australia with his band, The Nasty Delicious. They ended up in a nature center singing to cockatoos. There, a snake was placed on his neck, and from that moment on he wasn’t afraid anymore.

Speaking of scary encounters, though, Craig also recounted a pretty scary incident that happened recently in North Carolina in which he got caught up in a shooting at the club his comedy show was being held at! In July of this year, in between shows, a gunman entered the Charlotte comedy club and opened fire.

The quick-thinking security at The Comedy Zone ushered Craig out of the dangerous situation and into the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre. Much to his dismay, the boyband Big Time Rush just so happened to be playing there.  “I said take me back to the active shooter,” Robinson joked in-studio.

Thank goodness Craig walked away just fine. If not, we wouldn’t have a host for the new educational Harlem Globetrotters series on NBC! “Harlem Globetrotters: Play It Forward,” centers on the players’ achievements both on and off the court.

Craig’s ultimate love, though, is performing live on stage, he told the Preston and Steve crew. It provides him with immediate feedback and interaction with the crowd. Good thing he’s in Philly this weekend performing live!

We’re happy to talk to any Office alum. Craig spoke fondly of our amazing friend and fellow Office star, Kate Flannery. He found a lot of joy in Preston’s “Flannery Switch” for Kate’s on-air naughty-word-slip-ups. He shared a great story of him and Kate at a bar trying to get at least twenty people to recognize them. “We had to scratch the last few…” Craig quipped.

We’re so excited for Philly to see Craig THIS WEEKEND at Helium. Get tickets for Sunday on And don’t miss Craig’s two new shows Killing It and Harlem Globetrotters: Playing it Forward.