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Tuesday, September 20, 2022 Rundown:

[00:00:00] Entertainment News: Meghan Markle wipes away tears at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. The case against Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears has been settled. Kelly Clarkson is added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Courteney Cox Parodies A tampax commercial she did in the 1980s. Sylvester Stallone shared a throwback photo of him and Flavin a month after she filed for divorce. Bam Margera has returned to his court-ordered rehab program in Florida. Mariah Carey plans on releasing an alternative rock album. Gene Simmons says he doesn’t have friends. Trina McGee was told the Boy Meets World cast didn’t want her in the series finale. Woody Allen has no plans to retire. Christmas is coming Early. Alison Sweeney signs multi-picture deal with Hallmark media. New Karate Kid movie coming in 2024.

[00:42:07] Check In on Casey’s Big Adventure: Casey is in the band room where Preston went to school in St. Louis Missouri. Preston and Casey talk about the drum that has been there since Preston was in school. The gang talks to Chris Becker who was Preston’s teacher and Becker says how annoying it was to have Preston in class. Casey returned the instrument that Preston had stolen when he was in school. The entire marching band of Preston’s school was lined up outside and played. The gang talks about the next adventure Casey will be doing.

[1:29:37] Bizarre File & Kevin Hayes: Colorado Police left woman inside car parked on train tracks, leading to crash and serious injuries. Teacher in Japan was arrested for allegedly mixing bleach in curry served for school lunches. Louisiana boater arrested after shooting Coast Guard helicopter responding to distress call. A Pennsylvania pizza restaurant, famous for being mentioned on the acclaimed comedy series “The Office”, is suing a customer for $3,000 after the patron left that amount in a tip but then asked for it back. A Georgia woman is being commended by authorities after returning the more than $543 in cash she found under her sandwich. Kevin Hayes joins the show via Zoom. He talked about last season and the many injuries that occurred during the season. Hayes says that the mindset going into this year is new season, new team, new attitude. 

[02:04:23] Check In on Casey’s Big Adventure: Casey and Jacky visit Preston’s childhood home. Casey spoke with a few of Preston’s neighbors, and one was especially rude to him. Casey and Jacky try to meet the owners of Preston’s childhood home, but to no avail. The group pokes jokes at the rude neighbor before Casey and Jacky leave to sightsee in St. Louis, Missouri.

[02:33:16] Doogie Horner, In Studio: Doogie said that he loves listening to Kathy talk about traffic. Preston and Doogie talk about Doogies home town. New comedy album “Dad Max”. Wrote it during covid. Discussions of his artwork for the series Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies take place. Doogie discusses the difference between releasing an illustrated book versus doing stand up comedy, especially in terms of fan reactions. Doogie is talking about writing a novel about a baby turning into a vampire.

[03:14:00] Bizarre File: A crime ring has been running a chicken slaughterhouse in the north for the past few years, selling chicken to suppliers and shops throughout the country — without government supervision — Israel Police announced on Monday morning when it arrested six people in connection with the incident. Vegan-Friendly Beyond Meat’s COO arrested for allegedly biting man’s nose in parking lot fight. A 30-year-old Mar Largo resident, who’s known only by his username @titanicfan97, has gathered a cult following of nearly 50,000 social media users, mostly through TikTok, as he builds the self-proclaimed world’s largest collection of “Titanic” on VHS.

[03:21:23] Check In on Casey’s Big Adventure: The broadcast station that Preston used to work at isn’t there anymore and is closed down. Preston said the door Casey is at right now was the side door and there was a buzzer. The gang spent some time deciding where to put a sticker. Jackie ordered a Dunkin matcha wrong, called the drink a “machatos”. Preston asked Casey if there are any Panera’s around as they were founded in St. Louis.

[03:42:20] Hollywood Trash & Music News: A spider seen on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin causes a stir. Justin Troudeax got in trouble after singing karaoke at a hotel before the Queen’s funeral.. Kim Kardashian spent 70 million dollars on a Malibu Oceanfront mansion. Smashing Pumpkins announced a rock opera album coming in 2023. John Bonham’s grandson, Jeger Henry, dropped his punk flavored single titled Hate Me. Journey celebrates 40 years of Faithfully.

[04:07:39] Wrap Up/Casey’s Big Adventure: Casey is at their last stop for today in Louisiana. Preston thanks our guests and sponsors. The gang talks to Casey and Delco guys they met in line. Preston is explaining the chili burger. Casey describes the St. Louis Arch pod as small, but the friends they met from Delco joined them in the pod for the ride. Jack Kroger mentions that the show has been mispronouncing his name. 


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