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Thursday, September 22, 2022 Rundown:

[00:00:00] Entertainment News: Armie Hammer’s ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers admits to co-parenting challenges as he’s ‘focused on his healing’. A former employee of Mario Batali is sharing her account of an alleged sexual assault by the chef and identifies herself for the first time in a new discovery+ documentary Batali: The Fall of a Superstar Chef. Matthew McConaughey is speaking on the impact his father had on his worldview. Actor Tom Hardy made a surprise appearance in a martial arts competition on Saturday, ultimately winning the event. Brad Pitt Debuts a Wine-Inspired Skincare Line, Le Domaine. Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence have finalized their divorce and they will continue hashing it out over custody of their dog Ysabella in the days ahead.

[00:41:41] Casey’s Big Adventure: Casey’s in the car with Jackie and Kyle singing in New Mexico. They’re currently two hours behind Philadelphia, which makes for quite an early morning on their part. Casey reminisces on going to the car wash featured in Breaking Bad. Casey saw Jackie Bam Bam fully naked in their hotel room. Kyle and Bam Bam talk about the history of music when they are in the front seat together. Bam Bam kept thinking they were in Arizona still last night but Casey had to keep reminding him that they were in New Mexico. Preston wants to do a survey and he asks who has rubbed one out since they left.

01:24:30] Bizarre File: Wedding crasher – groom breaks collarbone showing off on dirt bike. More than 200 whales have been found stranded on a remote beach on the west coast of Tasmania, Australia. At the end of her freshman year at the University of Tampa in May, a girl packed her bags and headed to the airport with her favorite roommate: a colorful betta fish named Theo. When the airline did not let her bring the fish, one of the security officers offered to take care of the fish while she was away. Kira and her fish are now reunited.

[01:51:10] Nigella Lawson: A variety of discussions take place, including how she received her name, and how her father has the male version of the same name. Nigella admits that she was not interested in cooking growing up, but as she grew up helping her mom cook, she grew to enjoy it. She discusses being nervous to have her very own cooking show, as she realized she would be having a conversation on the stage alone, not sure if others would enjoy the content and her ideas. Lawnson will not be cooking at her live show since nobody can see anything and she thinks that it is most interesting to have conversations and not just everyone staring at her. She released a cookbook during the pandemic, but admitted that she wrote the book before the pandemic even started.

[02:31:22] Casey’s Great Adventure Check In & Breaking Bam Bam Game: With about an hour left before the cross country gang hits Windsor, Arizona, Preston, Steve and play Breaking Bam Bam. As Preston and Steve ask Jacky Rock n Roll related questions, Jacky must guess the answer, and callers can guess whether they agree with Jacky or not. If correct, guests have an opportunity to win prizes!

[03:23:37] Bizarre File: A Canadian school board is “standing behind” a trans teacher who sparked protests after showing up to classes with giant prosthetic breasts. The motorcyclist who led cops on a high-speed chase because he was “trying to show off” for a female passenger with whom he was on a first date. A crash involving multiple tractor-trailers shut down a Florida highway and left thousands of beer cans covering the road. A military contractor known as “Fat Leonard,” who cut off his ankle bracelet and fled after he pleaded guilty in a major Navy corruption scandal

[03:43:48] Hollywood Trash & Music News: Olivia Wilde opens up about being a single mom and having to take on the responsibility of asking the babysitter how the kids are doing. Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus continues to be cancer-free! The Smashing Pumpkins have announced their new album Atum

[04:02:20] Wrap up: Casey arrives in Arizona and goes to this specific corner where an ice cream place is across the street and one of the workers listens to Preston and Steve. She dressed up in her dad’s mummer costume and has an eagles shirt on. The gang also talks to a few other people that are around the corner.