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Don McCloskey performs “First In Flight” and “Son Of It All” (with a full band!). He talks about how he met his bud, Rob McElhenney, and how Don’s music wound up in Mythic Quest.

During the performance, Don breaks a string and keeps on rocking. Preston says that Don’s music moves his heart and makes him want a piña colada.

Don formed a relationship with Rob McElhenney when they were in high school. While Don was in the studio working on his album, Rob stopped by to hang out for a bit. Later when Rob was trying to find a song for the season 2 finale of Mythic Quest, he asked Don if he could use First In Flight on the show.  The song, about the Wright Brothers’ struggles with flight, parallels the character’s journeys in the show. It was a match made in heaven aka St. Joseph’s Prep.