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What would you do if you caught Bryce Harper’s game-winning Homerun ball? 

That’s the question on Tracy Oldziejewski’s mind since she caught the historic ball during Game 5 of the NLCS Championship this past Sunday. To celebrate her 50th birthday, Tracy and friends went to Game 5 of the NLCS Championship as a way to celebrate the milestone. Little did she know, she would walk out of Citizen’s Bank Park with one of the most historic pieces of Philadelphia sports history to date. The 8th inning, two-run homerun gave the Phillies a 4-3 lead and locked in the World Series bid. It’s the first homerun ball Tracy has ever been close enough to catch. 

Preston and Steve had the opportunity to speak with the Port Richmond resident Monday morning. Oldziejewski has heard that Bryce Harper allegedly wants the ball back, but that choice is ultimately up to her. She told Preston & Steve that she was not concerned about anyone taking the ball from her during the game, but just in case, she kept it in her shirt as a precautionary measure.

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While speaking with 6ABC News on Monday, Oldziejewski recounts the hectic moment, saying “We were all cheering and the ball was coming right towards us, and then hit the ground and there was a scramble for the ball. I saw it, picked it up, and yeah, I have it.”  

Since catching the infamous home-run ball, Oldziejewski has created an Instagram account for the monumental moment called @brycehomerun, which features a variety of photos of herself and her friends posing with the ball, along with features of other interview’s she has done since Sunday’s game. Oldziejewski says she is not quite sure what she will do with the ball, but says she is trying to get in contact with the Phillies Organization. 

So, for now, the question of what Tracy will do with the homerun ball remains unanswered, but Oldziejewski says she will think about the decision while watching the Phillies play in the World Series.