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UPDATE: Erin and Jim have been DM’ing, but they spoke to each other for the first time live on The Preston & Steve Show. Take a listen:

ORIGINAL POST: On Tuesday, Facebook user, Laird Frazer, made a post on a Phillies Facebook Fan Group. They wrote: “MISSED CONNECTION AT CITY HALL CELEBRATION – please help” and went on to tell the story about how he and his friend, Jim, went down to Broad Street to celebrate the Phillies clinching a World Series berth.

In the mayhem, Laird and Jim lost track of their other friends. While they were scanning the crowd, a person that Laird described as “Female Fightin Fan” ask them for a drink. “Jim immediately obliged, smitten by her beauty. In exchange for the drink, she offered to help us find our friends by doing the unthinkable: “Do you want to get on my shoulders?” “

Laird continued in the post describing how  “Jim’s eyes lit up, both amazed and intrigued by the offer. I was a bit skeptical that she could pull it off, but she effortlessly hoisted him up and spun around. Our missing friends saw the signal and we were reconnected, which led to a joyous singing of the Philadelphia classic “No One Likes Us”. “

But that’s where the story ends, “unfortunately though, amidst the chaos, it was the last that Jim saw of the heroine who literally lifted us up when we were down and helped us salvage our celebratory evening.”

With the hopes that this could be the love of Jim’s life, Laird turned to the internet to find the “Female Fightin Fan.”

IT WORKED! Within a few hours, Erin S. left a comment on the post that said: “JIM IM SO GLAD YOU FOUND YOUR FRIENDS” and included a photo of her hoisting Jim on her shoulders.

Erin is the “Female Fightin Fan.” The comments went wild after that.

Lyndsay H tagged Erin and said “Jim once saved me and my entire family from a Delco Bear attack. We owe him our lives.”  Ryan E wrote, “One time Jim nursed me back to health with milk he immaculately produced from his mammary glands after I had fallen Ill with a bout of the black plague.”

Diane G wrote: “Listen Jim, I have known Erin since she was in middle school when she became friends with my daughter. If she accepts a date with you, you better treat her correctly. She only deserves the best! And is loved by many!”

No word on whether the two have re-connected, but a comment from Katt N predicted the perfect ending: “All I am saying is when this ends in marriage, there better be a parade…..”

Broad St. celebration photos via @mikeprince85