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Imagine that a member of the mob offers to teach you how to properly choke out your enemy with a piano wire. Would you say yes?

This was the question Michael Imperioli was faced with as he sat in Rao’s restaurant in New York City. Unlike most mobsters on television, Michael politely declined the offer.

Preston and Steve had the opportunity to speak with Michael about life before, during, and after The Sopranos. Since playing mobster Christopher Moltisanti for eight years, Michael discusses his now art driven life, playing in a band and meditating more.  

While talking about the liveliness of The Sopranos, Michael talks about how the demographic of fans is now spread over a wide variety of ages. Where older generations remember watching the show when as it came out on a weekly basis, to new generations being able to discover the show more recently, it has truly become a show for the ages. Speaking of fan dedication, Michael tells the story of how an 18-year-old man from Scotland approached him and flashed Imperioli a tattoo of Michael’s character, Christopher, on his calf.  

The different dynamics that The Sopranos gave him during its 8-year tenure. Many presumed that due to the large age gap between the two characters on the show that there would have been a more mentor-mentee relationship between Tony and Christopher, when in reality they were closer in age and actually very good friends. He and James Gandolfini started The Sopranos around the same point in their career, and the show launched them both into the spotlight. Michael Imperioli talks about the mythology of the Sopranos represented within The Many Saints of Newark, the prequel film to The Sopranos.  

Michael Imperioli is one of those actors who never stops working, but he says he does take some distance from a project once he completes it. He is currently featured on the second season of White Loctus on HBO, and the comedy series, This Fool, on Hulu. Catch him in town later this month for the 90minute live show, In Conversation with The Sopranos. 

In Conversation with The Sopranos at The Keswick, November 12, 2022. Tickets.