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Back in the summer of 2016, Temple of the Dog, the supergroup featuring Chris Cornell, Mike McCready, Jeff Ament, Matt Cameron & Stone Gossard announced they were reuniting to head out on tour for the first time ever.

Temple of the Dog came to be in 1990 in the wake of Mother Love Bone frontman Andrew Wood’s drug overdose. Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell was roommates with Wood and began to write music in his anguish. This planted the seeds for Soundgarden and future Pearl Jam members to form Temple of the Dog, releasing only one album – their 1991 self-titled debut through A&M Records. The album was a smash hit and eventually went platinum via the RIAA here in the United States.

Temple of the Dog had reunited on occasion for some one-off performances, but they have never actually toured. In the Summer of 2016, they announced an 8-show run… EIGHT… that’s it… and the Philadelphia area was graced by not one but TWO shows at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby. Not only that, Temple of the Dog kicked off their first ever tour right here at the Tower part of two HUGE SOLD-OUT MMR concert events.

The tour was to commemorate the 25th anniversary edition of their debut album Temple of the Dog – which was re-mixed by the great Brendan O’Brien – and was made available as a four-disc super deluxe version and other single and double LP & CD versions.

Temple of the Dog at the Tower Theatre

I was lucky enough to attend night #2 with Temple of the Dog at the Tower and picked up these pretty sweet show posters. The long poster in the big frame was being sold at the merch stand, where the smaller white poster was being given out for free at the end of the show. (The other poster was from Chris Cornell’s solo 2015 tour at the Merriam Theatre)

If you were lucky enough to go to night one, you may have had the chance to meet the guys after the show out back in the alley behind the Tower as they were getting in their cars to leave the venue. Night two, we weren’t as lucky.

It was a truly amazing show! And to those who attended the shows, like myself, we consider ourselves very lucky! Especially when you see the setlist with quite a few Mother Love Bone songs & great covers mixed in there too!

Temple of the Dog – Tower Theatre – November 5th 2016

  1. Say Hello 2 Heaven
  2. Wooden Jesus
  3. Call Me a Dog
  4. Your Saviour
  5. Stardog Champion (Mother Love Bone cover)
  6. Stargazer (Mother Love Bone cover)
  7. Seasons (Chris Cornell song)
  8. Jump Into the Fire (Harry Nilsson cover)
  9. Four Walled World
  10. I’m a Mover (Free cover)
  11. Pushin Forward Back
  12. Hunger Strike
  13. Quicksand (David Bowie cover)
  14. Heartshine (Mother Love Bone cover)
  15. River of Deceit (Mad Season cover)
  16. Holy Roller (Mother Love Bone cover)
  17. Reach Down


  1. Man of Golden Words (Mother Love Bone cover) (Cornell solo acoustic)
  2. Times of Trouble
  3. Achilles Last Stand (Led Zeppelin cover)
  4. Baby Lemonade (Syd Barrett cover)
  5. Fascination Street (The Cure cover)
  6. War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)

Encore 2:

  1. Missing (Chris Cornell song)
  2. All Night Thing

Temple of the Dog