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Tuesday, November 22, 2022 Rundown:

Entertainment Report [00:00:00] Todd and Julie Chrisley 19 cumulative years in prison this week. Jojo Siwa is more comfortable talking about Candace Cameron Bure’s “traditional marriage” comments. Amy Schneider won Jeopardy’s tournament of champions last night in Game 6 of the tournament. Gary Oldman is preparing for retirement. Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton are hosting this the 2023 New Year’s bash in Miami on NBC. New Indiana Jones film will feature a digitally altered Harrison Ford. 

Stream of Consciousness [00:35:26] Blake Martinez Linebacker for the Las Vegas Raiders retired mid-season at 28 because he’s making enough money selling Pokémon cards. Apparently divorced men being appealing to single women. In Delaware, potbelly pigs are on the rise and terrorizing land and disease. In the past, people couldn’t give blood is they have been in Europe during the mad cow disease, but now they can.  

Bizarre Files [01:18:23] A Texas woman told border told officials she had a box of beer but had a spider monkey. Eight relatives jailed after turning wedding into ‘bloodbath’ mass brawl involving 40 guests. A 21-year-old hot dog vendor was arrested for stabbing a person after an alleged turf war between out-of-town vendors Missouri man writes demand note on birth certificate while robbing bank. 

Connor Barwin Joins on Zoom [1:26:22] A Philadelphia Tribute to The Last Waltz. It takes place November 26th at Franklin Music Hall. It has all-Philly bands and guests in attendance. All proceeds help Connor Barwin’s Make the World Better Foundation. The group of musicians brought together is incredible, and Barwin is excited to see how it will all turn out. Guests include Don McCloskey and Adam Weiner from Low Cut Connie.  

Classic Rock in Other Words. [01:48:15] Players go head-to-head and guess the title of the songs from hearing the beginning lyrics, only catch is the Preston has switched it up! Can win tickets to Christmas Miracle or Victory Brewing. 

Thanksgiving and Black Friday talks. [02:21:31] Preston talks about how his Thanksgiving plans changed since he got Covid. The gang goes over different Thanksgiving traditions.  

Peter Billingsly Calls In [02:32:03] He talks about how long it took to make the sequel, A Christmas Story Christmas and how difficult it was for the first film to truly take off. The original A Christmas Story plays 24 hours straight on Christmas Day. Billingsly said it was easy to get the cast all together, and they have remained in touch despite not seeing each other for so long.  

Bizarre Files [03:01:57] A convicted felon was arrested after shooting his mother’s boyfriend over a dispute over a salad. Man charged with operating a vehicle under the influence after taking up two parking spots designated for state troopers. After a young boy drove his brother’s and his mother crazy on the way home from karate, his mother made him walk a half mile home alone, and was charged with endangerment of her child. A search and rescue operation took a strange twist after someone interfered with it in British Columbia.  

Hollywood Trash and Music News [03:18:45] Maneskin opens up about their new album, Rush. Victoria said they made the album in a Rush, and is not a tribute to the band of the same name.  Willow joined Smashing Pumpkins at Tour Finale. 

Wrap Up & Goodbye to Intern Emily [03:35:01] Preston thanks guests. Intern Emily’s send off! Pierre joins the show. Pierre gives a sneak peek of his show today. Preston thanks sponsors.