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In an interview that made national headlines, director Zack Snyder shares news about his upcoming Netflix film and “giant sci-fi epic”, Rebel Moon.

Prior to the interview, Preston and Steve were wrapping up a chat with Michael Giacchino, who recently earned a Grammy nomination for his composition work for The Batman.  The gang seized the rare opportunity to introduce these two DC/Batman-universe juggernauts to each other.

Snyder famously directed Batman v Superman in 2016 and released his long awaited director’s cut of Justice League last year on HBO Max.  Giacchino revealed to Snyder that his nephew, Max Pescherine, who stars in Rebel Moon, had a blast while working with Zack on the film.

Snyder went on to say that his inspiration for Moon came from his love for the Star Wars franchise.  His space fantasy depicts villagers of a farming planet going into their galaxy to recruit soldiers to help defend their home from an evil army. Awesome stuff if you ask us!

Enjoy the full interview which happened live from The Preston & Steve Camp Out For Hunger.

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