Jacky Bam Bam

Weeknights 7:00PM - Midnight

“He’s a blast and he knows music better than almost anybody I know on the radio.” That’s how Mummers Parade co-host, Larry Mendte, concluded the television coverage of Jacky Bam Bam’s 2023 performance.

This year’s strut, plus the elaborate costume design, scored Bam Bam first place honors in the Handsome Costume Category. For those keeping track, that’s the sixth 1st place award that Bam Bam has brought home from the Fancy Division. And he is showing no signs of slowing down. Mummering has been part of his life for four decades and he has strutted in all five divisions.

The theme for Bam Bam’s costume this year was Ghost Train. It was inspired by the 100 year old train tracks that were unearthed after storms hit Cape May beaches last spring. His white tuxedo-styled suit was lined with purple and black sequins. A red sequined ascot hung around his neck, and feathers protruded from every inch. In one hand he held a classic railroad lantern, in the other a shake stick with a mini-skull on top. The backpiece was massive with sets of railroad tracks circling the costume. The moniker JBB sat front and center just incase someone couldn’t recognize the MMR nighttime DJ.

A large team of people helped pull off this year’s look. Inspiration for the theme came from Jacky’s biggest supporters, Momma and Poppa Bam Bam alongside designers Russ Fama with Delbuono Costumes Inc. and Hall Of Famer Scott Moyer. The music mix was provided by Monkeyboy. Makeup coordinator Alana Savva with on site touch ups by Brittany Rotondo completed the vision.

Jacky Bam Bam will receive his 2023 Handsome Costume trophy at the banquet on February 4th. After that, his Ghost Train suit will be on display in the Mummers Museum Winners Circle. Guests are invited to stop by to see the display and support one of Philadelphia’s oldest organizations. (Mummers Museum, 2nd & Washington) 

Photo Gallery: Bam Bam Strutting Down Broad St, Mummers Parade 2023