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Nobody knows when the perfect combination of randomness, opportunity, and kindness will present itself, so it is always best to stay on your toes. Preston & Steve Show video producer, Kyle Maack, was reminded of this especially important lesson Wednesday morning. 

Comedy legend Tommy Davidson stopped by the Preston & Steve show Wednesday morning to promote both his music and standup show at World Café Live. Kyle grew up watching Davidson on In Living Color, The Proud Family, and the Disney Channel movie Scream Team and was eager to take a quick photo with him.

While taking the photo, members of the show started to casually inform the comedian and jazz singer that Kyle was a “soul singer” who had previously worked with The Temptations. Davidson promptly and eagerly invited Maack to his show that night, and asked if he would mind singing at the event. Shocked and enthusiastic by this sight-unseen offer, Kyle agreed – stammering as he said “Yes!” 

The intimate atmosphere of World Café Live’s music hall was a vibe someone would similarly find in a sultry jazz club with dimly lit showroom and tables illuminated by candlelight. Opening the show was local saxophonist Marcus Mitchell, who brought Kyle on stage to close out his set, singing “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell. An impressed Davidson, who was watching in the wings, asked Maack to hang around to perform with him and the end of the comedy set.  

After the 45-minute standup comedy set, Davidson segued into a musical performance with his house band and invited Kyle back on stage once more to perform an impromptu rendition of the Rufus and Chaka Khan R&B hit, “Sweet Thing.”  

Davidson explained to the crowd, “We never sang together. I saw him at the radio station. [Kyle] said I can sing, and I said, ‘Come on!’ Because a lot of people helped me. Chuck Berry helped me. Patti Labelle helped me. Kenny G helped me. This was before In Living Color and all the movies. It would be a damn shame if I did not pass it on… Remember his face.” 

The performance full of adlibs, improvised vocalizations, and crowd involvement was a stellar way to close out the night. Maack’s performance was one that might have fallen into his lap, and it led to an unforgettable night at World Café Live. 

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