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Tuesday, January 24, 2023 Rundown

Entertainment Report [00:00:00] Pete Davison’s tattoos with his Kim Kardashian have vanished. Brandon Fraser stopped by the screening of the mummy and the mummy returns with fans not knowing. Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat gone viral after what they wore to a fashion show. Alec Baldwin posted on Instagram a picture of his kid. The M&M spokespeople were replaced with Maya Rudolph. 

Breaking Bones [00:42:14] The gang talks about breaking multiple bones at the same time. Listeners call in to tell their horror stories of bone breaking injuries. From falling down the steps to playing kickball, there’s no limitation to how one can break a bone.  

Bizarre Files [01:32:47] A family found their missing cousin floating on a raft in Key West after missing for 3 hours. After he resurfaced, he popped up a mile offshore surrounded by bait. Fort Myers police looking from a pooping perpetrator. A British girl has won a settlement after being wrongfully discharged and having her arms and legs amputated.  

Take-out Tipping [01:57:28] During the pandemic we started to tip more. If there was a take-out order where does the money go? Is it a 20% tip? More service for the same amount of tip as takeout. Some people don’t tip at all when getting takeout. Do Delivery drivers get tipped more based on the weather? The gang takes a trip of tipping around the world. 

Tu Rae joins in Studio [02:45:44] He is performing at punchline in Philly tomorrow night at 8PM. Hes a big 49ers fan, although he does watch most Eagles games. He talks about how important comedy clubs are in the growth and development of comedians. He discusses his love for football and his fantasy league. 

Oscar Nominations [03:21:00] The gang goes through this year’s Oscar nominees. Avatar: They Way of Water, Elvis, and Everything Everywhere all at Once are included in the Best Picture category. Ana De Armas stuns, snagging a Best Actress nomination for her role in Blonde. Austin Butler was nominated in the Best Actor category for his role as Elvis Presley. 

Bizarre Files [03:28:22] A Bangladesh kid was trapped inside of a shipping container and landed on Malashia soil. Huston Texas woman pleaded guilty to stealing her cousin’s lottery ticket. A Rhode Island has granted the request of a cookie to see if Santa clause bit them.  

Hollywood Trash and Music News [03:43:12] Two of the four members of The Doors have sold their complete rights to the Primary wave. Warner Music Group has acquired the music rights of the yes catalog including 12 studio albums. Nickelback has announced that they will be on tour this summer. Panic! at the Disco announces their last tour. 

Wrap Up [04:02:36] Preston thanks guests. Pierre Joins the show. Letter of the Day. Preston thanks sponsors. Rage On!