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Picture this: the Eagles win the NFC Championship and fans have stormed the streets to celebrate. You’re basking in all the glory of going to the Super Bowl once again, when a Jell-O shot hits you in the head. This was the reality of some Eagles fans in Center City on Sunday night as Paul Vile, aka Jell-O Man, crowd surfed over the masses. Philadelphia’s new favorite mascot took to the tailgate, passing out Jell-O shots on a cooler scooter. 

Jell-O shot lovers are in luck, as City Hall isn’t the only place Vile gives out these delicious, yet later vicious snacks. Vile, a Delco native, has made a name for himself in the festival world. Vile is known for traveling from festival to festival selling Jell-O shots to patrons willing to add a little edge to their festivities. He was inspired by seeing a woman do something similar at a Dave Matthews Band concert years ago.  

As he started this unique hustle, he wanted to do something for the bands that performed at festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Firefly. With that, he has created works of art with his Jell-O shots, making poster boards of bands’ names, which has scored him a backstage visit on occasion. 

Wondering how he makes so many Jell-O shots? Jell-O Man does it in true style, using 5-gallon buckets and over 50 pounds of mix to create hundreds of Jell-O shots at once. As a lucky patron of these delicacies, Vile even offers you Pop Rocks as a garnish. You may be sitting there thinking, why didn’t I think of that, and we agree with you! 

Listen to Jell-O Man live on Preston & Steve:

Did we forget to mention that he’s also Kurt Vile’s brother? This Jell-O shot connoisseur knows more than just the art of getting people a little tipsy. He also sells hand-made T-shirts at festivals. Before his brother Kurt even started touring with War on Drugs, Paul would sneak his brother’s name on the setlist to put on T-shirts he made. Paul was truly the original plug for his brother, and now has a hustle that frat guys could only dream of accomplishing.    

From Eagles tailgates to City Hall, to festivals around the country, Jell-O Man is everywhere. As a city, we claim this colorful character. He’s ours and only ours, forever.