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I drive from South Jersey across the Walt or the Ben daily, and I drive in the dark most of the time.  The city lights always make me smile, especially when, as a team, we are all lit up for a sports team.  After passing the Art Center as I drive the Schuylkill I get in the right lane so I get a great view of Boathouse Row.  If you check out Boathouse Row daily, you know what I know, it looks terrible in the dark as not one house has its lights lit properly.  Makes me sad because I know it must cost a lot to keep track of 6,400 lights.

Now I find out they are going dark, BUT in a good way. Whew!  Boathouse Row’s lights will be dark  for 8 months on March 20th as a 2.1 million dollar operation takes place.  A Contractor will be taking down all the current lights. The boathouses themselves will have their roofs and gutters checked and shored up if need be, and then the contractor will put new lights up.  The new lights will be protected from the weather and wildlife.

Eight months for the operation will ensure that the lights will be ready to ROCK in November as the holiday season begins.  The new LED lights will have 16 million color combinations.  16 million!  The lights will be dancing!  That is, if Philly wants them to.  Boathouse Row is iconic to me and represents our city. I was reading on NBCPhiladelphia.com that the Schuylkill Navy and Fairmount Park Conservancy works that stretch of the parkland. Thank you to that team!

Philly does a lot of special lighting depending on the time of year and a special day. Did you know you can also have them light the lights for you?  Yea, it costs you money, but it might highlight a very special event just for you. You need to get in touch with the Chief of Staff for Parks and Facilities in the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department. VisitPhilly.com’s webpage on boathouse row is HERE if you want to read more about this historic part of Philly. If you ever wonder about who is responsible for the lights in Philadelphia, there is a great article on BroadStreetReview.com


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