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Thursday, March 16, 2023 Rundown

[00:00:40] Entertainment Report.  Brooke Sheilds documentary made headlines at the Sundance Film Festival when talking about her assault in her new documentary “Pretty Baby”. Selena Gomez is rumored to have joined a couple and is now in a “thrupple.” Todd Christley’s son Kyle Christley was sent to prison for aggravated assault. Ryan Reynolds announces T-Mobile buys his mobile company for 1.35 million dollars. Drew Barrymore will be the host of the 2023 MTV Movie & TV awards & more. 

[00:36:54] Dumb Decisions. The gang talks about Danny Briere’s son Carson Briere and how he pushed a disabled girl’s wheelchair down the stairs. The gang talks about how it was a dumb decision and then starts reminiscing about all the dumb decisions they made as a kid. From Casey lighting his hand on fire to Steve putting rocks in a gas cap, the gang also takes a few calls to hear fans dumbest decisions they never got caught with.  

[01:22:19] Bizarre Files.  A suspected thief crashed a helicopter while trying to steal it at a California airport and has not been arrested yet. Oklahoma woman is injured after her neighbors escaped monkey attacked her but pulling her hair and almost ripping her ear off. Firefighters in Kentucky help a dog on a cliff but also helped a person who tried to help the dog first and got stuck. 

[01:47:40] Bert Kreischer joins over the phone. Comedian and Actor Bert Kreischer joins the gang over the phone to promote his new comedy special “RAZZLE DAZZLE” on Netflix and his movie “The Machine” coming to theatres May 26th. Bert also talks about his roast he will be releasing on Only Fans TV called “Roast of Bert Kreischer” coming out April 1st. While telling us about his upcoming work, he tells the gang how he would ride or die for them and tells them how much he really appreciates all they do for him. 

[2:18:01] Adam Shapiro joins the gang over zoom. Abington native Adam Shapiro joins the gang over zoom to talk about his career and pretzel shop, Shappy’s Pretzels. Adam tells the gang about his big move to Los Angeles to be in the Hollywood business and got involved in TV shows like Survivor. Adam talks about the start of Shappy’s Pretzels and how the business started as a simple hobby with his son. As the business grew successful, Adam tells us about all the celebrities that love the shop, including Jimmy Kimmel. Adam shares the making behind Jimmy Kimmel’s request to put a Philly pretzel under every seat at the Oscars, totaling up to 4,000 pretzels. 

[2:54:09] Jeff Ross joins the gang in the studio.  Jeff Ross joins the gang in the studio after being in the area and wanting to hang with the gang. Jeff talks to the gang about his love for Bruce Springsteen as he prepares to go to the concert tonight. The gang talks about Jeff’s upcoming work on Netflix and his shows, including Philly shows this weekend at Philly Punchline.  

[03:27:41] The Bizarre File, Hollywood Trash and Music News. A bus driver in Indianapolis is facing charges after choking and assaulting a special needs student. A missing 13-year-old girl was recently found 1,000 miles away from her home. Foo Fighters, Green Day, and more are confirmed to headline for the Louder Than Life Tour. Jim Gordon passed away this past Monday, March 13th. Bobby Caldwell passed away this past Tuesday, March 14th  


[04:01:13] The Wrap Up. Thank you to Bert Kreischer, Adam Shapiro, and Jeff ross for hanging with the gang. The gang wraps up with Pierre joining the studio.