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Imagine this, you have some friends over after school and your dad just dropped the most cringe-worthy dad joke of all time. We’re talking the type of joke where nobody’s laughing but him. Everyone knows the feeling. Your vision starts going black, your ears are ringing, and you can’t even bear to look at your friends. 

What do you do? You could laugh at the joke, but that shows your cards too easily. You’re supposed to look cool in front of your friends, and your dad betrays you and does that? The one job he had was to make you look cooler, not completely ruin your life.  

It’s enough to make us cry just thinking about it, and we’re adults.  

As it turns out, a new study shows that you have become a stronger person because of those embarrassing moments. Who knew?   

In a recent article, Marc Hye-Knudsen of the British Psychological Society wrote that dad jokes are good ways kids to learn how to overcome embarrassment at a young age. Dads put their egos on the line for a joke and find a way to bounce back if it receives more eyerolls than laughs. So go ahead, thank your dad for embarrassing you in front of your 6th grade friends. 

Let’s be real here, Dad jokes have been around since the earliest days of mankind. I mean, who’s to say that Adam didn’t tell Cain and Abel some lame pun about snakes? Dad jokes are a way of life, a natural cycle that continues from generation to generation with no cease in delay.  

Now look at you, you have survived every single dad-joke your father, mother, or friend has thrown your way. It might not be your proudest moment, but it made you less of a hard head, and that’s something everyone can be thankful for.  

Hell, the best part about it is that you don’t even have to be a dad to crack a dad joke anymore. Dad jokes can be said to friends, foes, and everyone in between.  

It’s time to start appreciating all the hard work dad’s do on a daily basis to make us shrivel up into our turtle shells. It’s not that they’re not funny, because let’s face the facts here: just like farts and fart noises, dad jokes are so unfunny they’re hilarious. 

It’s Phil Dunphy’s time to shine, as well as your own. So don’t be a quack, put your white sketchers and jorts combo on and get out and tell those dad jokes. Tell them to your own kids, tell them to your spouse, tell them to your neighbor, tell them to anyone who will listen, really.  

It will be a growing moment for them and an especially empowering moment for you.  

6 Schools Within 150 Miles Of Philadelphia Are Among The Top Party Schools In America

Ready to rage? We found this list from Niche, which names the top party schools in America.

It isn’t uncommon to find a party when roaming a college campus, especially on weekends. If we’re being realistic, we all know college students know how to party, and when given the chance, they 100% will. A lot of these get-togethers are more than just a couple of friends and some, choice, drinks. Oh no. At some schools, parties are lavish throw-downs.

Don’t forget, it’s a big time for colleges. With brackets, spring breaks, and decision dates here or approaching, you may see more parties pop up. Occasions like the Big Dance and spring break are not the only reasons students party, though. Letting loose is common practice among youngsters. And if you’re in denial about this, this may come as a shock to you. This area is home to some of the top party schools in America.

This information may be super important to you right now, actually. It is college decision season after all. You may want to party, you may not. Whatever your opinion is, this list can come in handy when deciding which school to go to. And if you’re already in college, this list may be a fun read if you go to one of these schools.

If you DON’T go to one of these schools, are you upset that your school didn’t make the list? Or maybe relieved? There are some obvious snubs that we noticed. Especially when it came to rankings on the list. There is one school in particular that should not have been ranked as low as it was, in our humble opinion. See if you can spot which one!

Here are the 6 schools within 150 miles of Philadelphia that are among the Top 50 Party Schools in America:

  • 46. Temple University

    Houston v Temple

    Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

    For this school to be so close to 50 came as a shock to us. Remember when that Eagles party at Temple resulted in a car getting flipped? Temple ranks pretty low on this list, which is a little weird, but it doesn’t stop them from being known as a party school. With the school being right in the middle of the city, its not hard to find something to do, or more specifically, somewhere to party.

  • 43. University of Pennsylvania

    Ivy League Basketball Tournament - Championship

    Corey Perrine/Getty Images

    Maybe this is a shock to you, maybe not. These Ivy Leaguers know how to party! They are the epitome of “work hard, play harder.” Due to its close proximity to center city, the night life at UPenn is vibrant. Not only that, but their Greek Life and sports culture adds to the excitement. Parties are fun and accessible to students at the school.

  • 39. Lehigh University

    the door at Lehigh University

    Getty Royalty Free

    If you’re looking at this and thinking, “Lehigh is a party school?!” you’re not alone. The surprise entry here is actually pretty invested in partying. Helped by Greek Life, students cite that parties can happen here pretty much any day of the week. The sports teams also add to the overall campus social scene.

  • 30. University of Delaware

    the field at university of Delaware on freshman night

    Gina Cosenza/ BBGI Philadelphia

    If you ask any student from UD what their school is known for, they’ll likely say “probably partying.” Students from UD wear the “party school” name tag loud and proud. The funny thing is, they’re number 30 out of 50. But, that does not discourage those party animals. Most parties take place on one street, so they are easily accessible. Not to mention, there are a number of bars on campus that keep the night life going.

  • 24. Rutgers University - New Brunswick

    North Carolina v Rutgers

    Andrew Burton/Getty Images

    Rutgers – not Camden – New Brunswick comes as sort of a surprise on this list. Or is it? While it may not have the strongest party-reputation outside of its student body, It ranks pretty decently in the top 50. Rutgers is nestled within a city, which makes for a pretty good social scene for students. A lot of students find themselves going out every weekend, some even finding themselves out during the week! The large campus has a sizable party scene.

  • 12. Penn State

    Georgia State v Penn State

    Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

    Penn State is this area’s highest ranking school on the list. If you know Penn State, you know this makes sense. With such rich sports culture, its hard not to get wrapped up in all the excitement. Their rich culture and bustling student life makes the perfect environment for parties. Plus, they have a fair amount of Greek Life happenings around campus.

  • 1. University of California - Santa Barbara

    cheerleaders at UC Santa Barbara v Florida

    J. Meric/Getty Images

    Just in case you were curious, here is the top party school in America. Over half of the student body would describe the school as one that “works hard and plays hard.” UCSB has a great location which is right on the beach. The school has plenty of Greek Life opportunities, which may in part explain the partying as well. If I went to school at the beach I would definitely have a hard time NOT partying, too.

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