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Tuesday, May 9, 2023 Rundown

[00:02:01] Entertainment Report: Christine Baumgartner and Kevin Constnerare breaking up because of their work schedule. Ray Leotis cause of death has been disclosed. Christina Applegate has no plans to act every again. Though she wont do anything on camera she is willing to do voice over work.  30 million dollar legal battle between tiger woods and his ex is becoming more intense. WIlliam admitted saying he felt uncomfortable wearing the ceremonial crown. Tom Curis and Shakira were spotted together at the Grand Pre. Amber heard was photographed with her daughter in midrid. 

 .[00:35:18] The Prime Uprising : Kathy had mentioned something that is going on with elementary school. It is a product that is taking off right now.. Casey remembered about it and bought the wrong thing he bought the energy drink. This has doubled the amount of caffeine that a red bull has. The 2 youtubers released it in January 2022. There is no added sugar in it. The hydration drink has coconut water and no caffeine hydration drink it has 2g of sugar. Gordan Ramsey reviewed the drink and said like swallowing perfume. 

[01:15:01] Bizarre File: a 48 year old woman survived 5 days by eating Lollie pops and drinking a single bottle of wine.  A woman on a air India plan was stung by a scorpions.  17 year old Virgina boy died when a sand dune collapsed burying him under the sand.  A teenage boy 14 years old is facing numerous charges after stealing a bus from Nashville.  

[01:38:39] The Wanderer: Blue Balls. They are believed to only plague meant but it a doctor said that it happens to women too. The rise of weight loss drug osimpic. They are shutting down WW international. A fathers whose family adopted a dwarf. Why do airlines overbook flights. They expect cancellations and hope that people don’t make their flight.  

[02:32:22] Major in the Studio : Team foster is raising money for service dogs for a veteran. What these dogs do for the recipient it gives them their lives back. It is amazing to see what they can do. What he is doing is going through a training process for 2 years. Helping with the vets with their disability’s whether physical or invisible like ptsd. That is why it is so expensive is because a dog might not be able to finish the training.  One of the things they offer through team foster is title sponsorships with these dogs. With a certain amount of money they are able to choose a name with their organization.  They have a fundraising event RUFF Ride that will be coming to citizen bank park Teams job to be going for 24 hours. They ill have a puppy kissing booth set up. Every single hour of the even will be set up. Someone is doing the entire thing solo. He will be in and around the phillies for the rest of the season. They are always looking for puppy parents to help take care of them and take them to classes [Photos]

[02:59:19] Bizarre File: shocking video has captured a pregnant passenger attacking a flight attendant. In Hawaii annual psa that you can’t always trust gps. Tourists followed their car right into the water.  AN investigator said a parent punched an umpire at a high school game. A camera set up to set up the crashed captures something else. The footage showed a motorcycle stop for a family of ducks and help them safely cross the street. 

[03:27:13] Hollywood Trash and Music News: Sum 41 announced they are breaking up. The band continued saying they will finish their world tour coming out soon but will be leaving after that. Detail will be announced as soon as we have them. Wolfgang van Halen just released their lyric video to like a past time. It centers around a 4 4 time signature but more of a polyrhythm. A polyrhythm is putting 2 different rhythming patters on top of each other. Thank you for music class today Preston. Montely crew signed on as a guess judges from Bandad. It will air on all of the digital channels. Skims Kardashian clip.  Paul Macartney uploaded new songs with track list. According to the post finally they are entering may with their thinking caps on. 

[04:02:21] The Wrap-Up: The gang hands the broadcast off to Pierre Robert. Rage on 

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