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The third album in the Stones’ epic tetralogy between 1969’s ‘Let It Bleed’ and 1972’s ‘Exile on Main St.’ ‘Sticky Fingers’ found the band bouncing back following the tragedy at Altamont. Every track is a winner without a skip in sight. Notable standouts included “Brown Sugar,” “Wild Horses,” “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking,” “Dead Flowers” and “Moonlight Mile.”

When it comes to spinning vinyl, the quality of the music comes first, but a close second is the album art. A captivating cover and personalized liner notes can elevate an LP from background noise to a three-dimensional experience.

Sticky Fingers was released by the Rolling Stones in April of 1971, and about a month after its release, it hit number one on the charts and stayed there for four weeks. The track listing is full of classics: “Brown Sugar,” “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking,” and “Dead Flowers” are just a few. The cover art, though, is just as iconic as the album’s sound.

The photo on the front is a black and white shot of a guy in Levi’s jeans. Many people thought this was Mick Jagger, but it turns out it was actor Joe Dallesandro. This album also features the use of the Stones’ tongue logo for the very first time, which was created by a guy named John Pasche. The overall album concept was designed and created by Andy Warhol.

As if this cover shot wasn’t striking enough, the copy in WMMR’s vinyl collection has a functioning zipper! We showed it off on the air today – where else are you going to hear live zipper action in your speakers?

It doesn’t stop there, though. If you take out the inner album sleeve, in the left upper left-hand corner is a note from “JM”. JM is Jimmy Miller, who’s the albums producer, and he has some advice:

“Maximum cycle characteristics and frequency response of high decibel level have been set according to standards suggested in the Guy Stevens producer’s manual chart B 3 57. In index page 3 0 4, these recommendations standards were compiled by the same authority, which recently measured audible damage created by supersonic aircraft. If. For any reason you do not agree with these standards – turn it up.

With that in mind, “Dead Flowers” was the featured Vinyl Cut off of this album. Long live the world’s greatest rock n’ roll band: the Rolling Stones.

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