Preston & Steve’s Camp Out For Hunger

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The Jawnstacle Course Is The Philly-ist Thing To Ever Happen At Camp Out For Hunger

Yo! Youse see what Presbo & Steves did?  Forget American Ninja Warrior. Forget Wipeout. On the third day of Camp Out For Hunger 2023, the world was graced with a new obstacle course to rule them all: Preston & Steve’s Jawnstacle Course. And oh, was it a doozy.   Three courageous contestants braved the treacherous course.  The course was made up of five stages that required contestants to complete a task and grab a Philly-themed item to carry with them to the next obstacle. The one to cross the finish line with all five items the fastest would be crowned champion. Our very own Nick McIlwain provided play-by-play live commentary.  Our friends, Delco Jawnskis, created the perfect tshirts to set the mood.