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#1046 Recycling Site Has to Remind People To Not Leave Explosives Devices In Disposal Bins Download

14:11 Download January 11th

A shark was tugging on a man’s fin while swimming… Man arrested for taking a police cruiser and told an officer about his mother and father being the moon and the sun… Managers of a recycling site are reminding others not to leave grenades or other explosive devices in their disposal bins… Llama that was on the run for 17 days, was finally caught… Six months after catching and releasing a 41lb. trout, a 11-year-old boy has caught another 48lb trout… A piece of wood flew off a truck and went through the windshield of the woman driving behind it… A guy who was talking to 60 women at the same time accidently added them to the same group chat… Restaurant in Tennessee beat the world record for largest dish of spam musubi… Australian sailor rescued after being found clinging to a beacon… Central PA man was so annoyed by his neighbor’s lights that he got 8 construction lights and aimed them at his neighbor’s house…

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