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#1047 Two Burglars Arrested After Pocket Dialing The Police During Their Crime Download

13:34 Download January 12th

Thief: “Yes we are currently robbing this store”

DNA on cigars helped catch men who stole human remains… ATF Agents say a Virginia child was killed by an exploding grenade that may have been purchased at a thrift store… Two burglars have been arrested in the UK after pocket dialing the police during their crime… High school was evacuated after a student brought in a silver plate that potentially had radioactive uranium glazed over it… A man is in custody after using a skid steer after an encounter to flip over equipment the company was using… An Australian couple had their landlord contact them and told them she will be moving into their backyard… A man in Britain failed his driving exam 157 times and finally passed his 158th time… A group of burglars stole bottles of wine worth $430,000 and started throwing the bottles at police to get away… Phoenix police identified man who was shooting with a baby in arms… Swan crapped in the backseat of a cop car while being transported…

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