#1084 Man Claiming He’s Satan is Looking for Dates at Subway Stops Download

17:02 Download March 12th, 2021

Police found a severed foot of a missing Australian women and the investigation continues of her body… A woman bought a chocolate bomb thinking it was a bath bomb… Man claiming he is Satan is trying to find dates on a Boston subway system … A TV children program to help with body image consists of several adults naked, who have kids ask them a bunch of questions… A virtual district court was interrupted after the defendant was found to be in the same home as the victim… A reporter was mugged at gunpoint, he was caught on camera and Ford said to take the equipment… A 19-year-old is behind bars for shooting his grandfather and aunt after his grandfather confronted him about smoking weed… Toronto has reported an increase in raccoon attacks… An NJ man was arrested for carving Q’Anon Slogan in American Stonehenge …

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