#589 Proposing Ghosts, Flying Dogs, and Vegan Killers- Oh my!

A woman survived 6 days alone on an Arizona riverbed after crashing her car... A food critic and the editor of Waitrose Food Magazine stepped down after suggesting that vegans should be killed…Florida man went down a well just to say that he did it and got stuck… 22 Year old was at a night club when someone hit her butt. She choked the bouncer until he passed out. Now facing a felony because it turns out it was her friend that hit her butt…A dog skydived with instructor 4 times. He made history being the only dog to at the location. The dog can make history & get his license; he would be allowed to jump without a human if possible…Girl got her nipples pierced as a gift from her sister & had to hide it from parents. She went on a routine check-up and got an x ray, which showed her piercings on the image. Her mom was very mad but now finds it funny…Alabama woman ended up in the ER when her Halloween costume fake teeth wouldn’t come out…A British woman told TV that she cheated on her fiancé with a ghost and went on to have relationships with more than 20. Now she’s engaged to one!