#665 Truck Spills 8,000 Bottles of Ranch, Too Bad There Wasn’t Any Pizza To Soak It Up

Woman drunk reenacting a movie accidently shot her boyfriend in the head. Police in Sylvania accused a woman cutting off her own hand with a saw with help of her family to make a fraud insurance claim. Police officer in Paris died after her colleague shot her in the head. Suspected shop lifter drank a 6 pack of Stella Artois beer in a Target dressing room and tried to steal $200 worth of clothes. Video of a Carjacking turned into a kidnapping at a gas station. Police say owner of bull is lucky to be alive after the bull attacked her. Male found in possession of a new drink called catnip cocktail contains a substance 14bd which is the same chemicals that are in roofies. Woman was carrying a $500 purse and an iPhone 10 carrying a sign of a picture of a baby asking for money. Tractor trailer carrying ranch dressing crashed into a creek and spilled over 8,000 ranch bottles on someone else’s property.