#667 Golfer Scores Hole-In-One After Eagle Picks Up Ball & Drops it in the Hole

 British man got cotton stuck in his ear and reached the lining in his brain was taken to the ER… City official in Florida charged with conspiracy with an active criminal investigation... Police spotted Texas man with a horse in his pickup truck driving 70 miles an hour… 10 British men affected with a virus because of participating in blood rituals cutting themselves... Golfer captured video of an eagle dropping the ball in the hole... Sheet of ice holding fisherman in weary weather leaving 40 dozen stranded away from shore... SUV was ran from behind in a taco bell drive thru and drove it threw a light pole...  Driver pulled over because they had made their own fake license plates because the vehicle was not registered... German police called in to investigate the murder to the woman who fake reported it on her husband…  Japanese and Russian scientist awakened cells from a woolly mammoth.