#717 Drinking Games in Florida are Intense: Loser Has to Stab Their Hand w/ a Screwdriver

Greenwich Village man was robbed by man he had met on Grnder: he couldn’t yell for help because he had a ball gag in his mouth… Mother and two daughters recovering after a man broke into their home, removed his clothes and tried to use a hammer to break into the room… 63 year old man arrested after pulling a gun on an Amazon delivery man and made him rake the driveway… 74 year old injured hiker was being helicopter lifted off the mountain when the lift she was in started spinning out of control… Florida drinking game: if you lost you had to stab yourself with a screwdriver… Dressed in just his underpants and holding a digeridoo a man in Adelaide chased a burglar from his home... Argument over $2000 dollars led man to assault brother with a guitar, a snare drum and a microphone stand in a motel… Man in Alabama got a pee sample from Amazon instead of the shower curtain he ordered... Mom from Illinois bought a shirt for her 3 year old daughter from a China based company with frog and toad on it and when it got there underneath it the shirt read “eff the police” underneath the picture.