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#732 Man Survived After Living With A Bear For A Month Download

15:51 Download July 1st

A man after surviving for a month in the den of a brown bear drank his own urine to survive…Man accused of planting an explosive outside of a hotel in Lebanon, PA because the police would not listen to his story of aliens destroying people… Man in Florida was shocked when his home camera captured a driver that relieved himself in his drive way…. Dirt bike rider wiped out after taunting an Allentown police officer …In Wales shoppers encountered a bee hive in a shopping cart outside of Tesco. In a fish tournament fisherman reeled in a fish with a wedding ring attached to it with a zip tie… Crime rate is so low Spiderman was caught pressure cleaning a roof …Massive ear wax chunk pulled out of patient measured the entirety of the ear canal measured at 1in…New Orleans billions of bugs are showing up in the city… Spain restaurant owner has world record for buying the most expensive cheese at $16,000 for 5lbs of cheese.

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