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#739 The Curious Case of the Cashmere Wearing Cat. Download

12:28 Download July 15th

21 year old Australian man was helicoptered to the hospital when he was hit in the head repeatedly with an axe… In Arkansas 12 people were arrested after they were firing fireworks at each other… Timothy Smith and his fiancé discovered a man and a cat in a cashmere sweater had invaded their home and the man had made coffee, drank their beer, smoked their weed and played their video games and helped himself to the woman’s onesie… Employees at State Line Lookout in Alpine New Jersey got a surprise when they went to work on Monday morning when hanging on the door was a bag that was assumed to be human remains and was later confirmed… Florida woman has been arrested for tampering with ice cream, she was seen using the bathroom and went into a freezer and she stuck her hands in the ice and picked her nose and she used a bucket labeled churning to pee in… A gender reveal party in the Gold Coast in Australia ended in a car fire by using a car to send smoke in the air… One topping no one wants on their pizza is foot prints, a man was stomping on peoples pizza by walking on tables… A woman is accused of assaulting another woman by throwing a snake at her, stealing her SUV and riding through barriers.

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