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US Coast Guard crew members suspected drug smuggling self-propelled semi-submersible, jumped on moving vessel and started banging on hatch… Officers in Oklahoma carried out routine stop on car, found out car was stolen with rattlesnake in back seat, pistol, open bottle of whiskey and radioactive powdered uranium… Driver in Canada strapped toddler to case of beer instead of car seat… Missing person investigation for 57 year old man completely eaten by his dogs…Young girl posts on social media a video of her licking tongue depressor and putting it back in jar… Man crashes pickup into ditch while driving drunk, climbs out of ditch drinking beer while police were there… Driver escapes injury when car’s windshield was pierced by giant cactus… General services department workers in Detroit, used toilets in firefighters repair shop that were rigged with firecrackers…UK man goes blind in right eye, showered with contacts in and parasite crawled in and got under lenses… Georgia woman ordered cake from local bakery that was supposed to be themed Moana, but bakery sent marijuana themed cake.

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