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#749 Plan You Poops! Because You’ll Never Sit on the Toilet During a Lightning Storm Again Download

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The Brazilian drug trafficker who tried to escape prison disguised as his daughter was found dead in his cell… Dog fell from a roof of a six story building and he crashed through a sun roof of a car and only needed few stitches…  A Florida homeowner got a surprise this weekend as a lighting strike blew up a toilet in their house…  A nightclub patron urinated in an ice machine in Florida and he was arrested…  A man who was mistakenly circumcised after being thought to be another patient in a hospital was given 24,000 dollars… Cecelia Mwalyoga she was supposed to have a nice weekend with her boyfriend, their 5 week old daughter and her boyfriend’s parents when she had to make a pit stop in the portable bathroom and the wind was so strong it tipped the portable bathroom over and she was trapped and everything in the toilet landed on her… Julia Magnus has rescued more than her fair share of chickens from Logan Square in Chicago that have been abandoned by their owners…  It is stunning animal rights activists and others that in Wyoming it is legal to chase down coyotes on snow mobiles until they are exhausted and then run them over multiple times until they die and then you pick them up by the tail and it is called “yote whacking”.

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