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#776 Judge Rules Trial: “Too Sexy” Download

14:14 Download September 19th, 2019

A cyclist died in Australia on Sunday and when he was a startled by a swooping magpie… A transatlantic flight was forced to land in the Republic of Ireland when the captain spilled coffee on the control panel… An accused shop lifter trying to make an escape from a Wal-Mart parking lot hit a shopper in a motorized cart…  Man pulled over by police and he had items consistent with drug use in his car and they found methamphetamine in his rectum…   Thousands of dollars’ worth of bull semen is gone after a building holding cryogenic tubes of it explodes…  Deputies said they pulled over a horse and buggy with a full own story system as well as alcohol…  Photos circulating on social media where a plane flies under a bridge is real and it is very dangerous and illegal and they are taking it very seriously…  A judge in Bermuda has been criticized by the British court of appeals for saying the talk of sex during a trial was making him horny…  Erie footage shows a water monster swim by in a dam, it was estimated to be about 60 feet long and it moves like a snake…  A man was arrested for indecent exposure on Saturday after being mistaken as someone else who was missing, when the deputy realized it wasn’t the missing person is when he realized he was pleasuring himself in a metal pipe.

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