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#777 A Man Survives Australian Outback with 1 Leg Download

14:15 Download September 20th, 2019

3 hunters were injured on 2 separate attacks by a Grizzly bear. The hunters used bear spray to get the bear away. A man tried to fight a young Grizzly bear…After 2 missed court dates the man was subjected to a fine… An Australian hiker had to carry his leg while crawling for 2 days after he fell from a waterfall. He survived by eating protein bars and lollipops, and by making a splint… A woman found another woman in her trunk while she stopped for gas in Kentucky… Ann Harbor Police had to shoot a turkey that was attacking people walking and biking by… A mom ran a marathon in just over 3 hours while pushing 3 kids in a stroller. She has unofficially beaten the Guinness Book of World Record for fastest to finish a marathon while pushing a triple stroller. The kids enjoy the marathon and will often take naps during it… A toddler crawled out of a window from a Bronx apartment. The older sister grabbed the toddler from on top of an a/c unit… A man wrote his personal info on chairs of a church. He was vandalizing the back of the church while blasting a radio… A woman has extreme food phobia and can only eat cheese sandwiches.

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