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#804 Doctors Remove 18yr old Bag of Weed From Man’s Nose Download

15:01 Download November 5th, 2019

Doctors in Australia removed a bag of weed from a man’s nose, unbeknownst to him for 18 years…Indianapolis police investigate crash where woman got ejected and landed on the roof of a house… A family runaway horse takes a dip in a neighbor’s pool… Drunken 22 year old woman ran over her friend with her car…Mourners at a German funeral were accidently fed a drug laced cake…Michigan schools find pot laced brownies in kid’s lunches…The operators of a sky bridge are giving people the chance to dispose of their pumpkins by throwing them off the bridge…German dentist pulled tooth out of patient’s mouth that measures 1.46 inches…Woman who dressed up as Carrie on Halloween was mistaken for being seriously injured in her car accident…A one ton boulder has mysteriously vanished from Arizona’s Prescott National Forest…California highway patrol has had to deal with human waste being left on the side of the road.

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