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#807 Man Stabbed Over Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Download

13:39 Download November 8th

Ohio woman found dead in her home, likely killed by her two great danes… Fisherman made once in a lifetime catch, a deer… Scotland man puts a bottle rocket between his buttcheeks, survives… Man was stabbed to death over a Popeye’s chicken sandwich… Bear that had been shot by a hunter, fell out of the tree, bit the hunter, and rolled down a cliff… Woman in Florida is recovering after having a metal bar impale her leg… A bootleg zoo was found in Minnesota where a man acquired a bunch of animals like kangaroos and over 300 hedgehogs… The United Nations Agency is under fire after someone put underwear on naked statues… Florida man uses foot-long sword to fight off standoff with police… Michigan woman has a warrant for not returning library books…

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