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#821 Full Service Salon Does Hands, Feet, and Deer? Download

14:27 Download December 10th, 2019

Baby girl named its Mara was born by C-section and then preformed a C-section on the baby because …13 year old girl is one of 100 teenagers arrested after a mass brawl that happened during a filming of Frozen 2…Women with history of tax on people wearing fur was arrested after she attacked someone …Tattoos are being done at a high school after a daughter came home with one… The victims daughter of a sexual abuser called 911…Neighbors watched a dog take the ride of a lifetime he was stuck in a car that was spinning…A man and a woman stopped to get gas and a chiuahah put the car in ….High point university student saw an employee of a nail salon was butchering a deer carcass inside of the salon…. A Utah teacher was charged with kidnapping for taking a 5 year old girl.

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