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#838 U.K. Woman Has Been Secretly Eating Baby Powder for 10 Years Download

12:00 Download January 10th

Florida woman was arrested for threatening McDonalds when she didn’t get her dipping sauce…A Jersey City woman was so angry about the long lines at a Motor Vehicle Commission agency that she destroyed their computer equipment…Fake Megan’s Law letter accused a New Jersey business owner of being a sex offender…Man who was ordered to kill his wife’s ex had ‘what to do with a dead body’ on his phone’s to-do list…Man claims someone stole his cheeseburger off of his motel nightstand in Arkansas…Woman who said she had a medical marijuana card was found with crack cocaine in her medical marijuana container…Gas station clerk and suspect were hurling sticky buns at each other across a counter…Young German man who was in a coma for 4 years has died after lead acetate and mercury were sprinkled on his sandwiches…Woman in Uganda was said to have a child on her back, but it was just illegal cosmetics stuffed in a dummy baby…Woman in the U.K. was secretly eating baby powder for 10 years…

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