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#841 *om* Yogi Beats Up Person For Using Phone At the Movies *om* Download

12:31 Download January 15th

A woman was crafting a homemade bomb at Walmart on Saturday… Drivers called police when a child held up a sign that said help she’s not my mom, turns out she was her mom and the girl was not in trouble…  A South Jersey woman is charged with murder of a man with a nail clipper… A man broke into a home and stripped naked as he was held at gun point… Disabled woman fell into a pothole filled with water on her mobility scooter in New Orleans…  Iowa yoga instructor beat up fellow movie goer for using their phone during the film… 19 year old who threw a chair off a balcony plead guilty to endangering lives…  Nursing home is being sued for insufficient care including performing a simulated lap dance on the patient who has since passed… Serial bank robber is now being named the bad wig bandit for wearing a different wig during each robbery…

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