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#843 Son spends months taping Dad’s stuff to the ceiling; doesn’t notice until the TV remote is gone Download

15:26 Download January 17th

Former chair at Drexel University arrested for stealing 85,000 in grant money that he used on strip clubs and other purchases… Boy pranked his dad by sticking his things to the ceiling including glasses, a phone case, a shoe, and the remote control to the TV… Man charged with pleasuring himself outside a woman’s window and then smearing a heart shape on the glass with an “unknown substance.”… Pig farmer devoured by his own pigs around late December with only his bones being found near a water well… Man pulled to safety 900 feet down in the Grand Canyon after he jumped free from his merely 300 foot rope… Woman with dementia who was reported six days ago was found alive in a snow covered vehicle…Man required emergency surgery after the live eels that he swallowed chewed through his intestines, abdominal cavity, and colon…A North Carolina Puppy was born a lime green color due to the contents of the mom’s uterine lining… Woman advertised on Facebook that she was selling homemade tortillas that she was unknowingly rolling with a vibrator… Governor of Utah recently banned condoms with creative packaging that included sayings like Salt Lake City Utah (SLUT)

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