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#856 Bacon So Good You’ll Stab Someone Over It. Download

14:05 Download February 5th, 2020

Ohio man in jail over a bacon argument and cut a man over how much bacon he consumed… German man used a bunch of smart phones to cause a traffic jam… Ottawa police came to help a child but it turned out it was a goat that was stuck in a fence… Prison guards confiscated hundreds of gallons of prison alcohol made for the Super Bowl… Kansas City police said a man died trying to light fireworks after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl… A Toronto bound airplane landed in Madrid experienced engine failure and they circled the airport for 4 hours… A woman was denied 6 Bloody Marys on her way to an alcohol rehab facility, was arrested for assaulting 3 people and breaking trays and glasses around the cabin… Passengers started passing out on a flight from Budapest to Edinboro… Woman impersonated different pharmacist and got many different drugs from many pharmacies in 11 years…

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