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#936 City of Vancouver Restricting Bear Bangers After Multiple Complaints Download

15:04 Download June 22nd

One zoo has a monkey that will remain behind bars for life after biting over 250 people… Man with a machete tattoo on his face was accused of a machete attack: this all would have turned out differently if he had a pillow tattoo… The Maryland lottery said a single store sold 24 top winning tickets… Man was arrested for hiding a pistol inside of a sandwich… Florida man was accused of shoving 7 bottles of wine in his pants and stealing them… Someone who posted on Reddit’s ask UK forum found out their real estate agent had been secretly living in their house for 2 days… Boston man was arrested for driving a moped through an active crime scene and hit an officer… The city of Vancouver could be restricting bear bangers after multiple complaints… Man got a Guinness World Record for stacking 3 eggs vertically… Virginia neighborhood spotted a 65 pound alligator snapping turtle was spotted…

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