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#953 Inappropriate License Plate Goes Viral Download

15:10 Download July 24th

Man stole a giant three foot tall ‘moby dick’ dildo worth $1200 from a boutique in Vegas…A woman has been dubbed a Karen or Panera party for not wearing a mask claiming that if you can smell farts through pants, masks don’t work… Police carried out raids against cult leader in Italy known as the doctor…Armed man in Ukraine held people hostage and one of his demands was to make everyone watch 2005 documentary earthlings… 51 year old woman arrested for trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex husband;… Scottish couple caught having sex in public… Teenager stabbed another student to death at the west London center during a weapons awareness course… Police suspect that bear spray caused multiple injuries to people at a waterpark in Vancouver… Woman in Toronto received a fine for throwing a chair off a high rise, pleaded guilty and had charges dropped… Personalized license plate went viral after X3222A; in a rear view window it looks like Ass sex…

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