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#978 Altoona Man Charged for Throwing Pizzas at Employees Download

12:44 Download September 16th

Slovenia woman sentenced to 22 years in prison after she cut off her hand with a circular saw in an insurance fraud scam… Police were chasing two robbery suspects, when one of the guys tried to carjack a guy but then stole a car getting an oil change… Drunk man in a Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts was swinging tree branch on a street… A top expert on Amazonian tribes was killed when an arrow struck him in the chest… Altoona man is facing charges for throwing pizzas at people for being asked to leave for not wearing a mask… DNA fingerprints and a silver pistol found a man who sexually attacked a woman 20 years ago… Man seen running naked in Michigan was hit and killed by a vehicle… Gym Employees in the Netherlands were scared when a 8ft King Cobra outside their building…

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